Monday, August 16, 2010

VIDEO: Jason Charles Miller
"You Get What You Pay For"

Jason Charles Miller made his solo debut on the Aug. 1 episode of the HBO hit series True Blood, where his song "You Get What You Pay For" could be heard just past the show's 20-minute mark (episode title: Hitting the Ground).

Today he released the video for the song, a backwoods adrenaline surge that couples the track's rattlesnake rhythm with a punchy narrative that co-stars Felicia Day and Greg Grunberg.

Day is widely recognized as the star, creator, writer and producer of the breakthrough web series The Guild, and also for her role in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since the Streamy Awards were launched in 2009, Day has won both awards for Best Female Actor in a Comedy Series for her role in The Guild.

Miller, frontman of the rock band Godhead, co-wrote and produced the song “Game On” for The Guild, and the track was released earlier this month as a promotional music video (watch here) for the web series' fourth season, which is currently underway.

Greg Grunberg is best known for his starring role on the NBC television series Heroes, as well as for his reoccurring roles on Alias and Felicity. He has also appeared on Lost, House and Monk.

"You Get What You Pay For" also made its national radio debut this month, being featured on Buzz Brainard’s Altville, a syndicated weekly program that combines the best in Alternative, Progressive and Insurgent Country with Americana and Roots Rock.

The single is available now on iTunes and Amazon.


Frank (meanzrock) said...

Wow Paul...I actually really liked that. The guitar sound is really dramatic and I like the build up to the chorus. It sounds very different but also very accessible at the same time...also Matt Parkman in a video doesn't hurt (big Heroes fan here). Thanks for the post!

Frank (MeanzRock) said...

Did a little plug on my forums if that is ok...I like to spread the word around when I hear or say something I like. Only 29 people registered, but we are growing. Let me know if you have a problem with me posting this. Thanks again.

Michael said...

Well done, Jason! I've always loved his talent.