Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unsigned Spotlight: THE STONE FOXES

Nobody could accuse The Stone Foxes of not fitting in, they just can't accuse them of fitting in this decade. Or the last two decades, for that matter. And that's what makes them so damn good.

Hailing from San Francisco makes perfect sense for the quartet, as their music crunches with a psychedelic swagger reminiscent of a Haight-Ashbury soundtrack, muscled up for the new millennium. Crazy thing is, The Stone Foxes are just kids. Kids, meaning that while they're all old enough to drink, their knees probably still shake when they go to buy a six pack. But man, do they play music with a spirit and passion that's far beyond their years.

They made their Los Angeles debut at The Mint last night, playing before a healthy crowd that hung on every note of their blues-fused throwdown. The set was short and sweet, about eight songs long, melding the jam aesthetic of Widespread Panic with the rock and roll stomp of the MC5 and the roadhouse romp of the Blues Brothers (harp and all). All four of them sing lead, but their distinctive palette of flavors never strays far from the blues. Close your eyes and listen, and you'd hardly believe that they're the same four guys that deliver their unassuming and jovial between-song banter. After the show, bassist Avi Vinocur said they never set out to have all four guys sing, but when they found out they all could, they decided they all would.

And they all should. They do it well, whether it be gravel-throated leads, half-spoken bluegrass rants or full-bodied four-man chants. Equal parts roots rock, old-school country, time-battered folk and full-spirited blues, The Stone Foxes bleed it all together for a believable sound that's as tried-and-true as it is fresh and inspired.

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Recommended tracks: "Rollin' and Tumblin'" / "Beneath Mt. Sinai"

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